Visuality of Text

Visuality of Text

Featuring discussion with artist John Newling whose work features in the exhibition Journeys with ‘The Waste Land’.

What factors dictated the decision to inscribe certain texts over others, and what happened to a text once it was displayed?  Did the fact of its display, and the medium chosen, affect how it was read, or endow it with a different force?

The ‘Visuality of Text’ workshop seeks to explore issues relating to the displaying of text in different periods and cultures from a cross-disciplinary perspective.  We will be discussing the display of the word from a variety of viewpoints, including inscriptions and other media in different times and places, from curators who deal with the display of text in a museum or gallery setting to creative practitioners who work on some level with words.  Themes we will explore include, but are not limited to, text as art, text as power, the display of texts, the format of texts, and the visibility/durability of texts.  The aim is to draw out common themes that unite individuals working on the visuality of texts from different perspectives, and stimulate further discussions of the materiality of texts.


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Visuality of Text: An Interdisciplinary Approach to the Display of the Word

Saturday 20th October 2018, IAS Seminar Room, Millburn House, University of Warwick


11:00am  Introductory Remarks

11:15am  Nick Brown (Warwick University) ‘A Body of Writing: inscriptions on Archaic Greek sculpture’

11:45am  Harry Prance (Courtauld Institute of Art) ‘Motion Sickness: reading, viewing, and Byzantine inscriptions that just won’t sit still’

12:15pm  Katherine Cross (University of York) ‘Magic letters and powerful words: text as image in early medieval religion’

12:45pm  LUNCH   

1:45pm  Alison Cooley (Warwick University) ‘Displaying ‘difficult texts’ in museums: reflections from the Ashmolean Latin Inscriptions Project’

2:15pm  Giles Macdonald (Letter Carver) ‘Carving inscriptions today: lettering in stone’ 

3:00pm  BREAK

3:15pm  Emily Jones (Freelance Graphic Designer) ‘Manipulating text to persuade, educate or mislead: typography in advertising and digital design’

3:45pm  Stephen Raw (Textual Artist and Designer) ‘‘Where typography stops, I start’’: observations in the effort of making language visible.’ 

4:30pm  BREAK

4:45pm  John Newling (Visual Artist) ‘Text, place and language: John Newling’


6:00pm  Wine Reception

Newling Notebooks

Detail “Eliot’s Notebooks” John Newling 2018

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