John Stezaker

The Whitworth Gallery at Manchester University have a John Stezaker exhibition until the 24th June.

Recently holding a Tuesday Talk, John Stezaker talks about his work.  Journeys with “The Waste Land” has his work represented and as a precursor to the exhibition at the Herbert you may like to hear his presentation using this link:

LISTEN AGAIN: A talk by John Stezaker, at the Whitworth whose work we are displaying until June 2018, can be streamed here:



John Stezaker

Using vintage photographs, old film stills, postcards and book illustrations, John Stezaker makes collages that subvert their original imagery, creating unique and compelling works of art. Collages from his Mask series will be shown, in which glamorous sitters’ faces are overlaid with scenic postcards featuring waterfalls bridges, seascapes; Untitled (Film Portrait Collages) in which photographs of B-movie actors are spliced together; and other works that combine and mirror photographs to subtly destabilise the image. This exhibition marks the gift from Karsten Schubert to the Whitworth of nineteen collages by John Stezaker, and a further three collages presented by the artist himself.

1 December – 24 June 2018


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