Haiku Challenge Extra! Photos added!

Waste Land and Beyond.

by Wendy Freeman

A journey of site specific, metaphorical, metaphysical Haiku inspired by T.S. Eliot’s poem.

For Harmonica and Shakuhachi accompaniment by Dave Reeves.

Shakuhachi bamboo flute

In and Out, of Landscapes, inspired by Margate visits.

 violet haze still air
slippered feet crunch shelving beach
evening moontide turns

 bare bones clean picking
plaguing black dog tricks to fix
dream burdens depart

 nerves are bad tonight
mistress with tidy knitting
killing time wishing

Silt dredged from Stratford upon Avon Canal Basin, dumped in a rural field next to the River Avon. A site I have periodically visited, samples and objects collected.

   silt dredge displacement
nourish tired soils mulching bed
landscaping promise


Inner Landscape. For The Love Of Grey.

nothing with nothing
nothing is nothing no thing
nothing for nothing

Solar Panel Field in rural Warwickshire, spotted from window on train journey and tracked down to visit!

   panelled solar field
hidden shelter seeking warmth
safety under shade


The Recycling Depot in Bishopton, edge of Stratford-upon-Avon. Sample taken.

 domestic goddess
paraphernalia gone
poking back to earth


Not too late to add your Haiku if you still have any you are working on!

Thank you Wendy Freeman!


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