Celebrating International Haiku Day!

It’s here!

smaller blossom

Thank you for the response to the Haiku Challenge!  Please feel free to add comments or additional haiku’s – it’s not too late.

The following haikus have so far been submitted:


Hyacinths shiver

Pink drifts over the cold park

In a late spring wind.


In the Hofgarten

whispered voices share despair

and talk of leaving.

Avril Leigh


Vast in its smallness

cold comfort impermanence

frosting the new garden


Burial by fire

Sections that cling and reject

As thunder plays chess

Jayne Stanley


Under the red rock

shelter and peace – shattered by

rockets overhead


The violet hour comes

uncertain with twin options

of peace and despair

Eve Fleming


spring not spring – mere buds

april is a cruel month

blossom pains the heart

Bev Murray


The Spring in my step

Comes from expensive trainers

Not the warm weather


April pink blossom

Flutters over the sad scene

Blistered children wail


Shadow on my heart

Spring tides awaken the fish

A child waves goodbye


Blue sky clouds scudding

Clock ticks time moves Spring springs

What will bloom this year?


Old tree feels the rain

Fortune in its branches rests

Rainbow lights the sky



I hear many voices

I open my eyes and see

His colourless world



That Unreal City

My Thames is still sweet

My cruel April helps me see…

Hyacinths and life

Imogen Parker


Fragmentation in

T S Eliot Waste Land



Shelter from my thoughts

Alternate place to ponder

Thinking ebbs and flows

Karen Parker


in different voices

landscape changes from dark to light

tides, times ebb and flow


pebbles on the beach

sea rolling in breathing out

these violet hours


hourglass sand trickles

distant thunderclouds rolling

every grain numbered

Nigel Hutchinson


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