The “Dry Run”

Yesterday we had our “Dry Run” of the planned exhibition at The Herbert Art Gallery and were pleased with just how many people came and gave their time, comments, thoughts and ideas so freely to help us better define the show Journeys with “The Waste Land”.

Reading possible labels

One of the exercises we wanted to test was whether to have labels and if so what form they should take?  How much information?  Just “Oil on canvas 70 x 50”?  Personal responses to the work or factual detail?  Some visitors wanted to view the images before reading anything to colour their judgement, and others wanted to read first to be given an interpretation to start them off.  There was no obvious decision arrived at, but lots of animated discussion in the room about what people thought.  Join the discussion by adding your comments in the reply section below.

Chat over tea?
Chat over a cup of tea always helps!

Ideas for events around and in support of the main exhibition were also considered, and many people went away tasked with finding groups to join us whether they be artists, photographers, writers, or knew someone who might be interested.  There is a deadline to be confirmed if the publicity is to go out in one flyer, but probably the end of April/May time.  If you have any thoughts and were unable to come yesterday, please respond on the contact page and someone will get back to you to discuss your ideas. Events so far are an Open Competition with Leamington Studio Artists, a poetry event is in the early stages of planning, also lectures and discussion using the exhibition and the poem as a starting point.  We would love for all ages to be involved, so if you think your school or children’s group, a Retirement Home or any other community group would be interested in supporting the exhibition with an event please contact us!

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