Postcard From Nayland Rock

Nigel Margate 2018
Nigel Hutchinson at Turner Contemporary ‘Journeys with “The Waste Land”‘


Wind’s whistling through this seafront shelter,

imagine Eliot swaddled in blankets playing

the mandoline, thermos of tea beside him,


or turning those English vowels around

his practiced tongue, reading lines aloud,

slipping sounds from French to German,


Greek to Sanskrit, anticipating

duels with Ezra, glancing up,

looking out to sea, neither comforted


nor unsettled by the blank certainty of waves,

rhythm of their rosary pulsing in every line,

broken by scraps of passing conversations


 she’s been a martyr you know and no mistake

 lost him in the war and no pension

it’s all in his head the doctor said

I tell you, there are ghosts here . .


Nigel Hutchinson February 2018


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